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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  September 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hour there is consensus whether the filipino district and families displacement assures of delivery as it could be a decade or two before we see the ends of this phased communication so looking forward to seeing this project back in two weeks additional a few things that are taken away from this discussion. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further on that item we do have general public comment i have no speaker cards. >> any general public comment this evening. >> okay. not seeing any thank you, everybody and meetings
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>> regular hearing for thursday, september 10, disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore and commissioner richards commissioners, that places you under your agenda is items proposed for continuance items 1 ab for the case bryant street
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large project conditional use authorization are proposed for indefinite continuance and item 2 c on summertime set skwufgs conditional use authorization is also proposed for indefinite continuance i have not other items proposed for continuance and there are no speaker cards any public comments for the 3 items proposed for continuance not seeing any public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards move to continue items one ab, 2. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue items one and two. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under our
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consent calendar back to you and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 3 case no. 2014 - at barn very well avenue conditional use authorization and item 4 mission street conditional use authorization let me see if that is a request to speak. >> okay any public comment on item the two items on the consent calendar not - sure. >> my name is david the 1 on mission street.
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>> if you want to speak to it we'll pull it off of consent and we can hear it for the regular calendar later and i understand. >> are you opposed or in support. >> i want to make a comment if i knew the address of 15 and mission between 15th and mission. >> further out. >> much further out. >> i live in the mission that's okay. >> if - iceland sit down. >> i wanted to make sure if you're not opposed then maybe we'll take action and submit your comment under general public comment. >> that will work. >> not seeing any on the public comment commissioner moore. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to approve items under consent calendar for items
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three and four. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under commission matters item 5 considerations of adoption of draft minutes for august 15, 2015. >> any public comment on item draft minutes not seeing any public comment is closed. is closed commissioner wu. >> move to approve draft minutes. >> do i hear a second. >> second. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on item 6 commissioner questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini.
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>> well 3 things briefly first of all, a lot of us are interested in things that had oriented in san francisco one in the green sheet this week angelo hank who grew up in san francisco went to galileo and played at stanford university oriented the one hand shop and one jump shop basketball everyone throw the ball understated footed and second thing is scott wiener supervisor wiener as initiated discussion of a master plan for subways for the future of san francisco which is long overdue it smells we're doing things push and pull and even if the funding is not there for this type of thing important to have a blue print
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that considers where the best places are we're a dense small city and every other dense small city in the world as transit in its own right-of-way sproirp and we're having this expedition between buses and pedestrians and cars on the surface we need a plan i'm no total agreement of what he's talking about and third article recently heard that there was going to be an auction foyer parcel f which was a transbay parcel that hoped to bring up to $200 million in an open option a day or two before a number thought possible are parties that were going to do bid pulled out of the auction one reason state there's fear about not getting an entitlement after paying a couple of million dollars for a parcel the fear of
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prop m limitations you might be stuck with something with in entitlement or detailed quite a few of the years we have to address this soon bus as you've read we need a lot more for the transbay terminal to be competed and we'll need considering more in the terms of billion dollars to have the are transbay the extension from caltrans to the terminal to make it whole this funding it is important and we've good neighbor policy got to be able to relieve the fear and come up with a solution a prop m increase obviously before the voters with consideration. >> i know the to the be careful you're not supporting a measure. >> i don't think there was that measures this is somethings
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before us the proclaiming discussion so. >> prop m. >> okay. >> okay. well anyway long story short we need to deal with this issue in the future that's my comments. >> commissioner richards. >> a couple of things i saw the advanced calendar and on october 15th a market octavia you want i want to we've been talking about the eastern neighborhoods update and maybe we mixed them up or the eastern neighborhoods is coming up on the calendar maybe a eastern neighborhoods versus market octavia. >> they're both on there. >> anybody understand what a ted egon report is is it out. >> yep. >> it is out not in its final form but a graft not issued the
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final report yet. >> as soon as he does we'll get it to you. >> will we see the draft i'd like to take a look a couple of things we've getting gotten a couple of letters in relationship in the long meetings the ones that go 12 hours i think two or three letters the gist we sit here all day and a lot of people fall off and leave by the time we get to hear the project and not the due process of getting up here and speaking it's been hours and hours and hours another question one wrote can we budget the meetings maybe a goal of normal eight or ten hours to try to manage the time it brultd i think sitting up here when the air conditioning is off and
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making an informed decision maybe this is something this commission or is rules committee to have a time management two or three other quick unrelated things we've heard about change happening in the city and we always bemoan the fact this and that place closed and others eagle closed but the rezoning question how much did you effect it they say i used to go once every x number of months my response how can they stay in business with the costs this past week we have the hotel buffet and sunday no longer the demand fell off for the hundred dollars brunch not enough people going so hard question i asked
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my friends they personally for me since 1997 so you start putting those things together you'll have to frequent those place to for them to stay in business the intersection for the arts has a show 925 mission the 5 m project opened until october 15th and i haven't been there this is a really, really great project great thing to look at it is the face of neighborhood we're actually approving project go to the october 18th and lastly interesting best in class example up in palm springs i was in a rental property for a week when we showed up at the door
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was the good neighbor policy i think perhaps we'll put one together for whatever form of rental units the first one was no music in the backyard we actually abated by the rules and those houses saying no shorelines we can look at it and have a part of the program when people registration for short-term rentals. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i received a letter regarding the lateness of our meetings the comment i like to add i think we have to anytime to ourselves we get tired with having to sit here and do equal justice for each project in terms of preparation and when it comes to 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock for
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important calendar items coming late it is physically impossible mentally improbable to be totally on top of it i want us to humbly anytime admit and spread the meetings apart so we can indeed do justice for everything improvements of us the second point it is in rebuttal to commissioner antonini's comment or illumination to his comment the parcel f in transbay is protected through the transcript planning effort it's the fact the parcel did not the rest a bid co-sit down with the market in china that rightfully made people aware it happened on the
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same day people had a right to the fact they felt uncertain relative to the advancement of what they're doing this that is a direct effect on their decision not uncertainties about the process the processes in transbay and are clear and not impediment by what we do. >> i'm glad you guys brought up the length of the last meeting it taxes us not being fair to the public the public knows the president and vice president and the commission secretary meet once a week to try to set out the advanced calendar we try not to let them fall off things get extended we try to make the time with certain items whenever possible i'm curious in video
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simulation to the public comment have been tried. >> oh. >> that's before us in november i think. >> okay. >> i'm open to sharing i think we are open to hearing other genocides. >> commissioner antonini. >> one thing that may be helpful we try to do this have as many hearings ahead of the decision date to allow the public comments and project sponsors and hopefully ma many of the issues will be resolved before we come up for the final decision is it doesn't always happen but certain whenever possible to have multiple habeas corpus hearing on projects. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you for commenting just on the item yeah. i
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definitely agree that is challenging we're here for 12 hours and sharp at noon as midnight i know one thing we've got you know brown act and obviously want to hear the public comment but not only having multiple hearings but also better advertising and shrinking around the organized approval i think if people knew that was there i've supposedly spoken to an activist maybe 10 to 20 minutes or something might allow us to actually with good conscious to limit public comment in some instances i know we've had to do with at skwoeshg agency we didn't have the room after 4 o'clock there have times i had to curtail public comment
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or maybe strengthening the orientation and advertising that might help 3 hours ever public comment on one item we want to hear all the voices but again, a practice outlet issue. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to department matters announcements. >> two items one to mention you may have seen the press release on vorlz kim i'll miss in the department the new director of that office i want to say that official office is staffed by 3 members of the planning department who've been working on register and the city administrator's office those folks will be in the planning
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department open is fist floor and just as last wee week we had 6 hundred and 80 rentals so the members of the public who are interested in doing vorlz no waiting on appointments you get an appointment next day for short-term rental we've up to 6 hundred and 20 registrations for a - we'll be having a hearing on the academy of the eir but more specifically a discussion about the process for bringing projects to once the eir is certified so think about the option we'll present you with some option how we structure the various approvals whether gop geograph or types of buildings whatever
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we'll give you those option on october 1st and generate a discussion objective can't bring all the projects at the same time that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> director ram could you perhaps add shorelines we're a little bit more prepared with the other to bunch together an outline how to organize we can look at ideas that would be great a form of what you're trying to do. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on on top of to item 8 past events of the board of supervisors and the historic preservation commission didn't meet yesterday. >> hi commissioners the board returned from its break, however, monday was a holiday legislative aide didn't meet district 8 and 3 adu legislation
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had its second reading and passed the conditional use authorization for the designated units in c-3 sponsored by madam chair rosales and supervisor kim and supervisor mar that was reheard because of the drafting error and signed by the mayor on august 6th didn't include all the projects but the board reconsidered and it passed on its first reading this week and finally, the accessory use entertainment south of market districts also received its first reading that allows the limited live performers in the g district it was heard on july 16th and voted to unanimously recommend approval the board passed it unanimously on the first reading 3 introductions the co-corrections ordinance this commission heard on august 16th and introduced by
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the mayor and then the jewish home planning code amendment and general plan were also introduced that concludes my remarks. >> commissioners we'll move on to general public comment this time, members of the public may address the commission items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have sincerely speaker cards. >> okay. >> georgia (calling names).
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm back again with my alterations that are demoed this one i showed you previously can i have the overhead on commissioner mccarthy's street the original house and there was this spring another picture this spring that's how it was a long time ago, i didn't look at it until yesterday there it is and it is ironic i've learned this particular site pertains to something you have later on in the day i'll save that for later again, i know that is difficult to ascertain what this is to me when i showed you those pictures going from that to this as i showdown showed it overhead
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please by any common sense definition that is a demolition especially, as it started with that granted people may have issues but you know it still a demolition the other thing i want to say is that maybe this is a trend maybe on out liar i found this notice hanging up in noah valley a noah valley startup a noah valley startup what is that going to be it occurred to me you know those large projects with four and five bedrooms and space downstairs is people tired of riding the buses i don't know it is just a one of maybe something maybe nothing but it struck me on the happier note here is a
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project that was done at 7 or 8 years ago on 26 there's the original building i was printing it off of google now here it is today that is a very nice remodel i point out because i'm interested in what happens to the residential design guidelines that fits in the neighborhood not overly magnificent and out of scale and cpr that is staff with the residential design team i this that would be nice from the public had a workshop with the staff 8 years ago when you were working on dr reform so thank you very much.
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>> any other public comment of the names we've called? >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm john taco group i want to follow up on the discussion last week about t5 m where we agree with the cam components is that development of this site is going to very definitely accelerate or approval accelerate gentrification of the 6th street neighborhood it will go faster because of 5 m that matters how big the project in your opinion the as of right the 6 hundred square feet is just as damaging
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in terms of gentrification as the proposed project to be succinct the first 6 hundred feet kills the neighborhood because it it will have the you know the high-end housing it it will have the tech offices and the; isn't that so i didn't hip bars and that's the transformation that causes gentrification of a district whether 4 hundred or 6 million feet or the 1.2 million promoted about trigger that so for us the important questions what does the project include to counter that how much to counter it and the key standards we've set with them we've talked about will it do much more than the favorable inclusionary or little 33 city policy or not will it in
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particular provide new sites for affordable housing because in look at doerdz the hardest thing is not the money but the land the site and because 5 m is making available that parcel on mission street for affordable housing they will contribute something important we have no other way to get the other big issue does it help us build the future neighborhood we'll have after gentrification when the only diversity is found in the permanently affordable housing and the affordable pdr space and so on the new community park the integral park felt 5 m project is virtually we've trying to get a can clean park for sro tenants to leave their tiny rooms trying to do
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this for 30 years on 6th street and that's why we support the project in general it is qualified it is important detailed yet to address we'll bring those up with the supervisors thank you. >> hello, i'm teresa i'm part of the south of market action committee you know you commissioners and our city hall has been receiving hundred of e-mails in support of 5 m our coalition has found out forest city is using information if signing sheets to send automatic e-mails to sign on for a 5 m project and being told their signing on a petition
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without their knowledge and consent this is misleading the public and other decision-makers like 9 board of supervisors make us believe there is hundred of people in support of 5 m it the deceiving we're trust to give community benefits how can you trust a developer that disrespect the public you need to hold forest city accountable this is an open process and not backroom deals third agreement development i also want to acknowledge the earlier comments 3 project will cause so much gentrification but from last week meeting by the time this development in the community benefits were in place our committee is gone so we need
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to think it through not just crush the numbers but impacting human lives the planning commission and the land use should be for the people and not for development not-for-profit thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a mariey i'm part of quatro i'm here are a whole group of people protesting the unbelievable amount of luxury housing but in particular i'll address the eastern neighborhood plan i was reading over the eastern neighborhood plan the first objective was strengthen the missions exiting mixed use
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character awhile making sense a place to live and work well, i don't know about maintaining the character when we have several buildings that are being proposed that will not be to the neighborhoods affordability and they're going to be more luxury condos also it shouldn't be able to you shouldn't be able to change a code designation and change that from pdr to condos i kind of said that wrongs anyway one of the other objections to remain the missions parole for the pdr that block is a perfect
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example how this is changing and it makes me wonder what's the point of the eastern neighborhood plan if it is a guideline nobody follows one of the other objectives is to continue expand the city's efforts to increase permanently affordable housing programs and accountability that's another one that the monster in the mission definitely was not affordable the access was not affordable the cell space is not affordable and lennar was not affordable i don't understand we have this outline but it seems to me nobody is really following that. >> the mission is just people are getting displaced and getting throne out pour around
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and ellis act and we need to put some sort of limit on that the goals of the eastern neighborhood plan preserve diversity and vital of the mission decrease the amount of affordable housing and preserve and enhance existing pdr, promote alternative means of transport to reduce traffic and auto use and improve the development in an additional facility and you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. >> my name is ronald eugene david lee today i'll do poetry the 15 of september a day to remember a landmark day we can't let continue the ultimate landmark building a
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tree feel of physical open a high power line it burdened up and the dpw did great but maybe two late their trying to evict me as we speak 9 real issue you guys are doing a great job a really good job trying to make the city beautiful it is hard because homeless people and others want to live here it needs to be gorgeous actually does and but my issue is that i still think we should have a story tower on the rock on the rock i mean it is perfect a towering light house with a red light beacon on the prison called alcatraz why not think of the money 20 years into the
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future that would be sailing into the bay like fleet week and you'll have a red light going by not bad go for the moon; right? hey that's all i have to say you guys are doing a great job and supervisor campos he's my boss got to go. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric san francisco residents i'll talk about community planning that is something that has been missing in a lot of the development i you know we have east on bryan and the monster in mission and the fight on fulsome and we're not near halloween this is the way the community seize those developments that as horror story people are being displaced the community plan is
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really needing to be looked to rebuild a project not a building we're talking about in a certain location but a block and block and block we have to look at ♪ the bigger picture how it effects the businesses and art space and commercial space how it effects transportation we need to look at the bigger picture not just one piece we're lacking that and so many people come on here and opposing the development in the eastern neighborhood plan we talk about the community benefits the way the benefits are 140er78 benefits to the detriment of the community long term so we need to look at the future of that neighborhood we need to look at it now make sure that in the hope that you commissioners courage those developers to work with the community for a plan it is important right now in the neighborhood because of the changes that are happening
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people are being replaced and not benefiting from the developments you know it is supposed to trickle down from 9 top not making to the bottom so again you know partner up with the communities and courage the developers to create plans for the areas not nell e negatively impacting the communities and supposed to benefit those communities they're being moved out and no benefits i courage you community planning is important we've down ♪ the past and you need to encourage the developers also thank you >> good afternoon. my name is a latonya joni own a sro collaborative i'm a tenant today, i brought friends with me, you saw you when you were walking into city hall you'll be
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hearing from you will say soon we're here to demand you plan for people not-for-profit we don't need luxury housing we need truthfully truthfully affordable housing in san francisco we ask you to hear our demand for justice this crisis is no longer in doubt it is real and caused by human activity not by to mention the inactivity of the commission what we have today in 2014 a city that is putting out the red carpet with developers to make profit profit off of humans and misery something that the free market won't take into consideration this must change if our justice of calls is as much as yours the struggling poor people the city not when the projects - this isn't a land
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it is called to action this way we'll say in all our might plans for people you (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm magic with all due respect when you spoke you referred to as you the audience over and over in meetings it indicative of the fact we're becoming unconscious of politics being a show we're the audience watching it i appreciate you'll refer to us as the public and you're the public servants i've had two different public bodies change on the website audience participation instead of public participation i read an article some of you planning
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commissioners are realizing you have more power and time to look at a new way to interpret the law that the phrase community benefit is not nearly some phrase but, in fact, the very foundation of what your work is mathematic to do and that for too long in many communities u communities i've been participating for 40 years the planning commission has served the role of rubber stamp for developers i know you want that it to change this is a critical time in the planet anticipate this city has a so for the for working people we're failing in doing it if so time to look at ways that the law can work as a benefit for the public trust we're really moving out of a time in which 9 bottom line bottom line is going to be money over and over again and or era
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in which public trust is your responsibility is and what the people when they come and ask you to stop those things must be done we've been putting pressure it is working the beast on brilliant and the monster in the mission we're being positive and creative and we're fierce not going to lose the city i've carried a vision it 16 years old until now i hold a positive vision about not go up my brothers and sisters will not give up you have a function now each of you need to search our soul so use your power to let the worker people and poor and homeless have a place in the city and maintain the artistic diversity thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is testing wells fargo
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born i want to thank the planning department for putting in increased scrutiny for the increased projects over the most thank you for doing that there is more to be done stop spot zoning, stop spot zoning the other thing you really must start doing that you haven't done to my knowing is cumulative impact so you put in this project how does it effect all the other projects that exist or are planned maybe within a 10 or 20 block radius how to impacts all the businesses in that area and impacts the long term residents when somebody is evicted their evicted from san francisco they lose their friends and dentists and hair current and medal amelia support team and family
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ties and if their senior or someone with disabilities they often die soon afrlz cumulative impact one example i will give you is the south van ness where 15 or so projects are planned with the possible addressing emission of 4 thousand cars to one of the most transit rich areas in san francisco you've got to to the office space spot zoning and look at it cumulative impact thank you. >> you saw it this great show you it was republic erupting ta pa she's a traveling physician and travels the world really nice want to comment one the a can i may turn the lights down
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but not the best place to hang out all those bright lights and we need the most out of our public servants a - we drink 2 hundred milling grams of coffee and 8:00 p.m. hundred milligrams we fill milligrams of coffee ♪ our system football seen e season we get get to watch people in practice what we do their coach they have a play list and look at the games with 70 plays 4 run and 40 pass plays i was wondering in here we see something like that we see the itemized agenda and see the
11:46 am
internal department planning and communication and other extraordinarily from different city's organizations and other one general public comment and maybe 7 to 9 how many events but the number of minutes in cornerstones and those few hours might be the run off special in sfarmz single-family homes and we see a lot of negative energy we're not used to over 12 inches our skylight we sue 26 minutes of that in the last couple of hours and like more energy into creating and this idea of equality kroons across public infrastructure i agree with the gentleman with the large hairdo something more than a prison on the iconic island out there thank you
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>> is there any additional public comment? >> good afternoon where did it go? there we go >> no good afternoon, commissioners nice to see you again, i love you're taking care of of yourselves you need that we're all human i'm here to talk about prop m to remind you things past sharpening to limit the office space and insert new growth guidelines two the city master plan the intent for the developers to pay fee subsidies to affiliate the educational
11:48 am
falls in practice the requirements means opportunity i thought with money can develop as they wish this is your honor, or time to return to the guidelines i'll read some the existing neighborhood serving the retail uses be preserved and enhanced and future employment in an ownership of businesses are enhanced project effected 5 m the beast and prop i supports this another the existing housing and neighborhood character be preserved and protected in order to preserve the economic diversity ever our neighborhood projects effected 5 m yerba buena and beast on bryant and monster in the mission and prop i and f the city supplies the affordable housing be preserved and enhanced beast on bryant and 5 m
11:49 am
and participate i and prop f a difference economic base be maintained before i protecting our service seethe from displacement due to office development for the employment and ownership in those sight rid lick and that prop i and prop f prop m is still on the books we need your support it is important we work together on this project and stop making it easy for one group of people to keep getting the upper hand that when there shouldn't be an upper hand it is provisions of appear regularly in the environmental review the demolition. >> please as you finish. >> exercise more accountability in using them for the advantage of all we really appreciate your thoughtfulness we can do better
11:50 am
and need you to use the word no more often until things become more clear and shared in the way we - you always shake your head. >> we can't hear you because of the noise every time i see you when i come up you shake our head wonderful i'm glad it wasn't me this time. >> that's the ends of public school that was a 15 minute public comment section other one at the end of today's agenda okay. we've gone well over the 15 minute allotment time. >> i think we can't precede with this noise. >> not-for-profit but for people. >> sir, your slithering out of
11:51 am
order. >> we can go home. >> i'll go home. >> ma'am. >> thank you, thank you. >> ma'am, okay commissioners shall we precede with your calendar. >> let's take a 2 minute break. >> i want to go ahead let's go i'd like to remind the to get members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. commissioners, we left off your rent-controlled i was informed that item 12 for case geary billiard conditional use authorization experienced a
11:52 am
notification issue where greater than 20 percent of the mail notices were returned the zoning administrator as determined a new notice needs to be september that item to be continued indefinitely and commissioner antonini. >> make a motion we should give for public comment to the matter. >> okay. so openly up for public comment on the item number 12 which is now recommended to be continued. >> it will be only on the matter of continuance.
11:53 am
>> hi good afternoon commissioner johns and commissioners i'm the director of government affairs for comcast can we get some. >> we variant heard anything about this. >> i was just informed of that so the planning you know the planner what is assigned to our case no evidence me unfortunately 20 percent of the notices were returned to the planning department so a new nose need to be sent. >> they were sent more than a month and a half ago i i don't know work they're received. >> is that planner here. >> i did not see staff here so i can't respond to that question.
11:54 am
>> i received an e-mail we were still on i'm confused that we're not - >> i can't explain why it is coming so late. >> david is here. >> commissioners david lindsey from department staff we had a lot of returns on the mailings for this one this was sent out we counted it up over 20 percent of the total most of them from one housing development across the street the zoning administrator was consulted and sized us to continue this in order to carry out the mailing. >> sorry it was kind of hard to hear. >> so my question is that we sent out the mailers over a month and a half ago why did we receive word day they were
11:55 am
returned they should have been returned in a week. >> it doesn't happen that fast with the post office we get a big chunk back this year weeks ago. >> as of 11:30 i had a merge we were on the with the planner. >> we were counting them up literally within the last hour. >> so what did. >> what are the next. >> we'll have to renotice this hearing and with corrected addresses we'll return return the nephew's to you so you can see where the problems are and have our mailing consulate correct those to be remailed. >> you say it was to one particular development they were returned or - >> no, from yes, from one particular development. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. so what's the
11:56 am
recommended date for . >> indefinite continuance. >> reuse of mailing. >> right. >> there is no date you have to actually reuse the notices so we'll have to find a new date, no use in continuing the matter a new date will be chosen. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i have a question they said a second mailing so how soon shall we know the results of second mailing whether or not those railroad received. >> i'm not sure what they were talking about. >> maybe project sponsor give me more information on the fact the notices were sent out twice. >> right twice so our original simulation six months of window when the hearing date is set up we've been if the process of 10
11:57 am
months we were required to send out a second mailing a month and a half ago. >> i can explain it now the original - the planning department does the mailing based on the materials sxhimentd by the applicant they provide us with the mailing addresses and the city sends out the mailing the first set of addresses they sent were more than because of the case with the department for longer than 6 months those addresses are considered outdated they presented us with a second set no initial mailing with those addresses we did the mailing based on the second set of addresses those are the responses returned. >> i understand only one mailing the question had is a reasonable amount of time there will be another mailing presuming within a week or to.
11:58 am
>> the mailing is a thirty day mailing and we can do it fairly quickly once we get the revised addresses from the project manager they'll need to provide those and take them some. to put them together we can certainly is a a date 6 weeks out there if we don't make it we'll continue that. >> i'd rather make that continuance you've renoticing. >> we have to. >> at least we have a date presuming that the message that the notices go out and only a small percentage come back i'm going to make a motion project sponsor let's say 6 weeks from now if that suits you to schedule the hearing on this item. >> yep that will be great. >> i'll ask the commission
11:59 am
secretary and make that motion. >> that will be the 15th of october. >> is that enough time. >> mr. lindsey october 15th it's only 4 weeks. >> i mean the mailing is a thirty day mailing. >> we have to allow time for things to come back. >> excuse me. supervisors i'd like to say something i'm part of the ownership of this project we've fall into this virtuous cycle of the timeline that was received by the people f that needed to receive it because of countless changed by the planning department it is expired so it is not because those people have not known about the project everybody has been notified and we've been complying for the locate it time
12:00 pm
this is causing the ownership a lot of pain this should be streamlined i'd like for us to try to see if we can continue to hear it today. >> sir unfortunately, the zoning administrator has determined we can't precede today he is the authoritative voice on that matter whether or not notice has been adequate. >> each time a different deadline. >> i understand and completely simple sympathizes emphasis those were the labels that are submitted by your group. >> previously. >> they were never sent, sir. >> the first set of notices not mailed they were simply extraordinary. >> they were mailed because we were in the process with the planning department it expired and supposedly people


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